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Carter Decommission

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As a reminder, Carter will be shut down and decommissioned on Sunday April 30, 2017.

ALL DATA in /scratch/carter WILL NOT BE RETRIEVABLE after April 30, 2017. See below for options on how to move any data you wish to keep from Carter's scratch space.

Original Message:

Thank you for partnering with ITaP in the community cluster program.

Carter will be decommissioned on April 30, 2017.

Compute Nodes and Scratch Storage

The compute nodes and scratch storage will both be decommissioned, and all files will need to be migrated before this time.

ALL DATA in /scratch/carter WILL NOT BE RETRIEVABLE after April 30, 2017, by anyone from any system. ITaP recommends storing important data in the Fortress HPSS archive or Data Depot service. To copy data to another cluster scratch, we recommend rsync or Globus.

For example: rsync -auH /scratch/carter/r/rherban/* halstead:/scratch/halstead/r/rherban

For more information on using Fortress or Data Depot, please visit the following links:

Applied Credit

Your existing Carter nodes will be awarded a $100 per node credit that can be applied towards Halstead or Snyder. If you have already purchased into Halstead, we can issue a credit to your original purchasing account.

You can generate your usage report for Carter from

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you again for your participation in the community cluster program, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

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