Depot Issues for Windows 7 Clients

Research Computing had to make a recent change to the Samba servers which provide direct Windows access to the Research Data Depot in order to protect against a recently discovered security vulnerability. Unfortunately, we believe that change is also adversely affecting performance from Windows 7 clients.

We are currently testing other possible workarounds which may perform better in the near term, and we are planning more comprehensive upgrades which may also address this issue.

In the interim, one thing we have found can help Windows 7 clients is enabling folders to be "always available offline". This setting may be restricted by your administrators, however, so we understand this is not a solution for everyone. Windows 10 clients do appear to be unaffected, if upgrading is an option for you.

We will update this article as we learn more, and you are welcome to contact us at for more specific guidance.

Originally posted: June 6, 2017 4:16pm EDT