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Data Ownership and Access

Purdue IT upholds all Purdue University policies on intellectual property, including Purdue University Policy I.A.1.

Users of Purdue IT research systems authorized by a Principal Investigator (PI) agree to allow access by their PI to all data and files remaining on research systems after their account is deactivated.

Purdue IT respects the privacy of its users. Generally, Purdue IT systems administrators will look at a user's files only if this is deemed absolutely essential to diagnosing a problem. In addition, should this be necessary, staff will first make an effort to contact the user, explain the situation, and provide an opportunity for the user to remove any sensitive data. However, Purdue IT does reserve the right to access or disclose any file or data should this be deemed necessary to serve the interests of Purdue University, in accordance with Purdue University Policy VII.B.2.