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A Fortress account is provided with RCAC services. Fortress accounts are not directly requestable, but you may request access to another system or request a Research Data Depot trial space and a Fortress account will be included.

A corresponding Fortress group space is created with every Research Data Depot group space. To request a Fortress group space request a Data Depot trial space for your group.

Fortress sets no limits on the amount or number of files that you may store. However, there are several restrictions on the nature of files you may store:

  • Many small files: Fortress is a tape archive and works best with a few, large files. Large sets of small files should be compressed into archives with utilities such as htar. Other technical limitations are detailed on the Fortress FAQs.
  • Backing up individual or departmental computers. Fortress is intended to be a research data store and not a personal or enterprise backup solution.
  • Any data protected by Federal privacy and security laws (e.g., HIPAA, ITAR, classified, etc.).

Additionally, while Fortress access is included with RCAC services, storing more than 1 PB of data may incur a cost recovery charge.