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Acceptable Purdue IT Research Resource Use

RCAC requires all users of its research computing resources to submit their jobs through the provided queuing systems. Do not attempt to bypass or hinder these systems. Documentation for the queuing systems on each major computing resource is available on this web site. Please be as accurate as possible about the resources which your jobs will require, as this will help the system run more efficiently and may help your jobs run more quickly. You must specify the actual number of processor cores that each job will use when submitting your jobs. Failure to do so could result in poor performance and may adversely impact other users' work.

All users of research resources must also comply with Purdue IT's Resource Acceptable Use Policy, Purdue University Policy V.4.1, as well as Purdue's Remote Access to IT Resources Policy, Purdue University Policy V.1.6.

Users of research resources should also refer to the Purdue University User Credential Standards for specific requirements on user account passwords.

Data about activity on research computing resources is routinely logged, archived and analyzed, to provide feedback about system performance, resource and software utilization, and better optimize the resources. This includes, but not limited to, environment modules loaded, applications run, hardware performance counters, disk storage consumed, and the contents of batch job scripts.