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Scholar is open to Purdue instructors from any field whose courses or workshops include assignments that could make use of supercomputing, HPC, and data science tools.

Requesting an Account

Scholar accounts may be requested for any officially recognized Purdue course (it has a CRN for which students may register) by the instructor of that course from the Class Accounts page. Simply provide the CRN and an optional list of additional instructors or TAs for that course.

Scholar accounts for workshops may be requested by contacting us. Please provide at least three business days notice before the workshop. Please provide the workshop name, a brief description, and the list of participants (either Purdue emails or usernames).

Scholar is NOT intended for research purposes, PhD Thesis, MS Thesis, Undergraduate Research or Graduate Research type course registrations. Scholar is intended for instructional purposes only.

Account Terms

For official courses, accounts will be automatically created and removed with the following guidelines:

  • Instructors and TAs will be granted accounts immediately upon request to allow time for course development and to get familiarized with the system.
  • Student accounts will be created the morning of the official start of the semester.
  • Any students who register for the course after the start of the semester will be granted accounts, automatically, as quickly as possible. Typically 1 to 2 business days after filing with the registrar.
  • All student, instructor, and TA accounts will be removed one week after the grades deadline for the semester.
  • Any students who drop the course during the semester will have their accounts removed automatically within 1 to 2 business days after notifying the registrar.

Any instructors wishing to maintain a Scholar account between semesters should register their course before the end of the semester. Registering your course for Scholar as soon as practical during the prior semester is greatly appreciated for planning purposes. Any students later enrolling in the course will be added automatically.

If you have any students ending the semester with an incomplete and that require continued use of Scholar beyond the one week grace period contact us to make arrangements.

For workshops, accounts will be automatically created one day prior to and removed one day after the workshop. Accounts normally require overnight processing so please provide any late attendee changes one day prior if possible.

Scratch Terms

All Scholar users are provided with a scratch space. The space is quota limited to 250 GB and 250k files.

Scratch data will be purged when a person no longer has an active account on Scholar. Practically speaking, this means students will not have their data purged during the semester. Their data will be purged after their accounts are removed at the end of the semester.

For workshop participants, any scratch data stored will be purged after the workshop ends (unless they are also enrolled in a Scholar course that semester).