Storage Resources

ITaP maintains several different storage resources to accompany computational systems. Here is a brief introduction to research storage resources. More information and detailed documentation are available for each resource listed below.

Globus is a powerful and easy to use file transfer service that for transferring files virtually anywhere. It works within ITaP's various research storage systems; it connects between ITaP and remote research sites running Globus; and it connects research systems to personal systems. Easily share data with collaborators around the world, with dropbox-like simplicity!

  • Data Depot

    Research Data Depot

    The Data Depot is a high-capacity, fast, reliable and secure data storage service designed, configured and operated for the needs of Purdue researchers in any field and shareable with both on-campus and off-campus collaborators.

    As with the community clusters, research labs will be able to easily purchase capacity in the Data Depot through the Data Depot Purchase page on this site. For more information, please contact us at

  • Scratch Space

    Scratch Space

    For Scratch Space, each cluster is assigned a default Lustre parallel filesystem. The Lustre filesystems provide work-area storage optimized for a wide variety of job types, and are designed to perform well with data-itensive computations, while scaling well to large numbers of simultaneous connections.

  • Home Directory

    Home Directory

    Your Home Directory for all ITaP research resources is provided by an EMC Isilon filesystem.

    /home is the primary space used to permanently hold files for a given user. This space has a quota which can be monitored at any time by using a myquota command.

    All Home Directory spaces currently reside on 3 PB of redundant, high-availability disk space and is a central component of ITaP's research systems infrastructure.

  • Fortress

    Fortress Archive

    The Fortress system is a large, long-term, multi-tiered file caching and storage system utilizing both online disk and robotic tape drives. ITaP upgraded Fortress from DXUL to HPSS in October of 2011.


Information about many retired storage resources is available on the Retired Resources page.