Student Simulation Programmer

Job Overview

The ITaP Envision Center is seeking a new undergraduate simulation programmer. This student will be working on building interactive simulations and real-time learning applications for mobile, web, standalone, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This will involve working in the Unity game engine to handle game logic, back end infrastructure and interaction handling. The student may also be involved in collaborating with artists and implementing innovative interaction techniques along with deploying and testing.

This position will create opportunities to grow the student’s portfolio and provide experience in project development pipeline, client interactions, time and team management.

  • Experience with Unity and C# is required
  • Experience with developing interactive applications, games or real-time simulations is required
  • Experience with version control is required (preferably git)
  • Familiarity with building Android/iOS applications is preferred
  • Familiarity with light mapping is preferred
  • Familiarity with shading language and OpenGL is preferred
  • Familiarity with VR/AR deployment is preferred
Majors / Year: All majors welcome. Undergraduate students welcome.
Hours: 10–30 hours per week, classes permitting, during normal business hours. Ability to work during summer semester desired, but not required.
Pay: $12.00 / hour
Starting: Through the Fall 2020 semester. Submit your application and we will reach out to you.
Submit Resumes: Please include your portfolio with your resume: