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Link to section 'Looking for help?' of 'Help' Looking for help?

You can find varieties of help topics from the new ACCESS Support Portal, including helpful user guides, communities to connect with other researchers, submit a ticket for expert help, and longer-term MATCH Research Support, etc.

Link to section 'Send a ticket to Anvil support team' of 'Help' Send a ticket to Anvil support team

Specifically, if you would like to ask questions to our Anvil support team, you can send a ticket to ACCESS Help Desk:

  • Login to submit a ticket:

  • If you already have an XSEDE account, use your XSEDE portal username and password to login to ACCESS site. Make sure to choose ACCESS-CI as your identity provider:

  • ACCESS login requires Duo service for additional authentication. If you already set up XSEDE Duo service, you will continue to receive Duo pushes from ACCESS. If you have not set up Duo service, please refer to the Manage Multi-Factor Authentication page for account setup instructions.

  • Then, select Anvil from the resource list to send ticket to Anvil support team:

    Please follow the template in Problem description section when submitting a ticket to Anvil support:


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