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Gateway (Open OnDemand)

Scholar's Gateway is an open-source HPC portal developed by the Ohio Supercomputing Center. Open OnDemand allows one to interact with HPC resources through a web browser and easily manage files, submit jobs, and interact with graphical applications directly in a browser, all with no software to install. Scholar has an instance of OnDemand available that can be accessed via

Link to section 'Logging In' of 'Gateway (Open OnDemand)' Logging In

To log into Gateway:

On the splash page you will see a quota usage report. If you are over 90% on any of your quotas a warning will be displayed. This information will update every 10-15 minutes while you are active on Gateway.

Link to section 'Apps' of 'Gateway (Open OnDemand)' Apps

There are a number of built-in apps in Gateway that can be accessed from the top menu bar. Below are links to documentation on each app.


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