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Bell scratch purging policy change

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As announced during the recent Bell outage, some temporary austerity measures need to be implemented to prevent the scratch file system from filling up and causing more outages.

Hardware to expand the scratch file system has been on order for some time and the scratch file system will be expanded upon its arrival. In the interim, however, the Bell scratch purging window will be decreased to 30 days from the current 60 days. The first such purge is scheduled for July 12 (with notification emails going out 1 week prior, on July 5th).

We hope to be able to keep the generous size quotas unchanged, but this will be subject to re-evaluation as we monitor the file system health.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and responsiveness in this situation. Please continue your efforts to keep the file system free of data that is not part of current active work. Please reach out to if you have any questions, or need any help in adjusting your workflows to integrate data management into your jobs.

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