LustreC maintenance

April 7, 2014  9:00am – 11:00am
Carter, Hansen, Peregrine1

In order to repair a hardware issue with the underlying disk storage comprising LustreC, ITaP storage engineers will execute a brief maintenance on the filesystem on Monday morning, April 7, 2014.

This issue is currently impacting the filesytem's reliability and performance.

During this window, scheduling will be paused, and no new jobs will start. Currently running jobs will remain running and wait for the filesystem to return. Interactive access to LustreC (cd, ls, editing files) will block and wait for the filesystem to return.

Impact on Scheduled Filesytem Purge

Due to these reliability and performance issues, the previously scheduled scratch purge has been rescheduled for May: The first automated mailing of purge warnings will be sent on May 6, and the purge will occur on May 13.

Please see for more details about the scratch purge.

Originally posted: April 4, 2014