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New Intel 15 Compiler Suite

At the end of the Fall semester several updates and changes are planned for the software environment. These changes will make available the latest Intel compiler suite and common libraries built with the new compiler, update the default Matlab, provide an improved Python distribution, and will make available a new environment modules system for testing.

New Intel 15 Compiler Suite

The largest of the software stack changes will be the addition of the latest Intel 15 compiler suite, version, and its associated common libraries. This additional will make the following modules available for use:

  • intel/
  • boost/1.56.0_intel-
  • fftw/3.3.4_intel-
  • hdf5/1.8.7_intel-
  • hdf5/1.8.13_intel-
  • mpich2/1.4.1p1_intel- (Radon, Rossmann, Hansen)
  • mvapich2/1.9_intel-
  • netcdf/3.6.3_intel-
  • netcdf/4.1.1_intel-
  • openmpi/1.8.1_intel-
  • python/2.7.8_intel-

No changes will be made to the default versions of common libraries or compilers, nor will there be any changes to any of the currently supported common libraries and compilers. As a reminder, a table of these supported compilers and libraries is included towards the end of this article.

Miscellaneous updates

Several miscellaneous software packages will also be replaced with the latest version. If you are using one of the affected module a notice message will be printed when loading it. Be sure to check your job output for any such messages and update your scripts as necessary.

Common Libraries and Long Term Support

We have chosen an installation of Intel and GCC to offer long-term support on. We expect to keep these versions of compilers and their associated common libraries for a few years. This software stack has proven to be stable and reliable. If you are looking for modules to use and not have to change them over the course of several years use these modules. Other versions, including newer ones, may come and go as we aim to offer a stable long-term stack and offer an up to date stack that undergoes more frequent updates.

These compilers are Intel and GCC 4.7.2. These are combined with the following common libraries:

  • fftw/3.3.4
  • hdf5/1.8.7
  • netcdf/3.6.3
  • netcdf/4.1.1
  • openmpi/1.8.1

In addition to the Long Term Support compilers, there are several other compilers the above libraries are combined with. The full list of supported compilers include:

  • gcc/4.7.2
  • intel/
  • intel/
  • intel/

There are a few other compilers available on the clusters however these are not combined with the common libraries.

The following common software are built with the latest Intel compiler (at the time of installation):

  • boost
  • python

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