Community Clusters

Purchase access to world-class computational clusters at a fraction of the cost by joining in an ITaP Community Cluster. Community Clusters offer dedicated HPC resources without wasting your researchers' time doing IT, and at lower prices from vendors thanks to the larger negotiating power of the community through ITaP. Ask us for a trial node!

Research Storage

Store, transfer, manipulate, and archive research data at all scales. Regardless of where your data is simulated or analyzed, ITaP provides a variety of research storage and data transfer resources. Scratch storage spaces for cluster users, and archival or Data Depot working storage are available to all Purdue researchers.

Firebox Virtual Servers

Provision dedicated serers for your research group. Research Computing can support custom login nodes, data sharing portals, LAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL) servers, and other configurations, sharing the familiar environment of the community clusters.

Partner on Research Proposals

The mission of Purdue's ITaP Research Computing staff is to support and advance research discoveries at Purdue through partnerships with faculty and research groups. Our research scientists collaborate with faculty on grant proposals and support them by providing cyberinfrastructure solutions to funded projects.

Software Development

Our staff have experience with many software languages and development environments. Bring in our expertise to help your researchers create or modify software to take advantage of the latest technology in advanced computation, web frameworks, data analysis, visualization, sharing, and management.

Data Management

As science has become more data-intensive, research data management is consuming more of researchers’ time. In the era of "big data", decisions regarding data arecomplex and fraught with larger consequences. Purdue Libraries data experts can help with managing, organizing, describing, and sharing your data on ITaP Research Computing systems.


HUBzero™ is a platform used to create dynamic web sites for scientific research and educational activities. With HUBzero, you can easily publish your research software and related educational materials on the web. Our team is happy to talk to you about what HUBzero can do for your field.


DiaGrid is a large, high-throughput, distributed research computing network utilizing the HTCondor system and centered at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The DiaGrid HUB delivers scientific applications directly to researchers in a browser interface. DiaGrid resources are free to researchers.


The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is an NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure linking the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced computing resources and digital services to the open science community. Our team is happy to help you access and navigate the array of XSEDE resources and services.