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Envision Center

The Envision Center provides novel solutions to effectively communicate complex research concepts.

Computer graphics, advanced visualization, auditory (sound), haptic (touch), and multimodal interaction integrate with state-of-the-art high performance computation to assist researchers, instructors, and leaders in their quest for new knowledge and innovative products.

We offer several different services; get in touch with us and lets find out what we can collaborate on.

Virtual Reality headset

Virtual Simulation

Virtual Simulation: Digital training tools for use in classroom and research for immersive experiences and learning platforms through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Cup with brushes

Multimedia Production

Graphics, animated visualizations, interactive web deployments and mobile app development to suit anything from promotional materials, publication materials or content to be used in classrooms or research.

Data network

Data Visualization & Analysis

From geospatial to tomographic, the Envision Center can assist in data handling, production, analysis, and tool creation for visualizing complex 3D data.

Our Values

The Envision Center is focused on expanding research and instructional opportunities meeting the communitie's goals. We are committed to:

  • Respect

    The consideration of others as well as oneself to create a fair and welcoming workplace

  • Inclusiveness

    We value diversity and are committed to equality

  • Continuous Improvement

    We value student growth and strive to align production with student areas of interest

  • Openness

    We are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to assist, support, and collaborate with faculty, students, and industry in scientific visualization, virtual and augmented reality and media creation. Our purpose is to provide work opportunities and real workplace experience that enhance the student’s education through the development of professional skills, responsibilities, habits, attitudes, self-confidence and self-development.

Student Positions

Are you interested in joining our team?! See what positions are available.


All rates below are proposed and subject to change
Position Internal External
Undergraduate Student $15 $26
Graduate Student $28 $48
Visual Solutions Engineer $43 $74
Technical Lead $62 $106
Program Manager $68 $115

Past Projects

Pharmacy Cleanroom Project

Pharmacy Cleanroom

Negishi Visualization


MEMS Visualization

MEMS Visualization

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Mars Formation

Mars Formation

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Accessible Biomedical Immersion Laboratory

Accessible Biomedical Immersion Laboratory (ABIL)

Contact the Envision Center

Phone: 1-(765)-496-7888
Location: STEW B001
Program Manager: Laura Theademan
Technical Director: George Takahashi
Visual Solutions Engineer: Nicholas D'Alfonso
Visual Solutions Engineer: Andrew Sumner