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Student Cluster Competition


The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is an amazing way to teach students about High Performance Computing (HPC) and Scientific Computing. Here at ITaP Research Computing our mission is not only to support research faculty at the University but also to support students. The cluster competition is one way we do that.

We teach them how to run an HPC system, use and optimize the system in a two credit course. Each year we take teams of five or six undergrads and expose them to HPC at Purdue. In addition our students get exposed to the HPC community at large. They get an opportunity to take part in the biggest HPC conferences in the world and many of them find jobs in HPC.

Competition alumni have gone on to positions at:

  • National Labs such as Argonne, Idaho, and US Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Multiple Academic HPC Centers including Purdue and Northwestern Universities
  • Many premier technology companies, Cray, Microsoft, and Google to name a few

We are recruiting!

So you are a Purdue undergrad and you think you've got what it takes to shuffle gigabytes and crunch teraflops? Eager to tame system daemons, stitch nodes and cores with fine threads, dread the power gauge and learn the ins and outs of high performance computing? Ready for sleepless nights, roaring CPU fans, stubborn datasets, state-of-the-art hardware, caffeine rush and total geeky paradise? Then join us!

Upcoming competitions

Student Cluster Competition at Supercomputing '22 (SC22)
November 14-16, 2022, Dallas, TX
More information at

Summer 2022 Activities

Students interested in participating in the SC22 SCC team should prepare by completing self-guided learning modules and joining scheduled presentations in Summer 2022.

  • Sign up for an XSEDE account on the XSEDE User Portal. Notify SCC advisors when completed to gain access to Purdue's Anvil supercomputer for self-paced learning modules.
  • Sign up to be a student volunteer at Supercomputing '22: Registration Page, FAQ
  • Self-paced Learning - HPC Introductory Courses
  • Compiling and Running Applications - Coming Soon!
  • Benchmarking - Coming Soon!

HPC Introductory Courses

  • Anvil 101 New User Tutorial. The webinar covers the basics of connecting to Anvil, managing the user environment, running jobs on Anvil and data management.
  • Unix 101 covers the basics of working on a Linux/Unix system.
  • Unix 201 covers some more advanced topics in Linux/Unix computing.
  • Clusters 101 covers the specifics of working with Research Computing clusters.
  • Clusters 201 covers how to submit jobs on Research Computing clusters.