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File Systems

Anvil provides users with separate home, scratch, and project areas for managing files. These will be accessible via the $HOME, $SCRATCH, $PROJECT and $WORK environment variables. Each file system is available from all Anvil nodes but has different purge policies and ideal use cases (see table below). Users in the same allocation will share read and write access to the data in the $PROJECT space. The project space will be created for each allocation. $PROJECT and $WORK variables refer to the same location and can be used interchangeably.


$SCRATCH is a high-performance, internally resilient GPFS parallel file system with 10 PB of usable capacity, configured to deliver up to 150 GB/s bandwidth.

Anvil File Systems
File System Mount Point Quota Snapshots Purpose Purge policy
Anvil ZFS /home 25 GB Full schedule* Home directories: area for storing personal software, scripts, compiling, editing, etc. Not purged
Anvil ZFS /apps N/A Weekly* Applications  
Anvil GPFS /anvil N/A No    
Anvil GPFS /anvil/scratch 100 TB No User scratch: area for job I/O activity, temporary storage Files older than 30-day (access time) will be purged
Anvil GPFS /anvil/projects 5 TB Full schedule* Per allocation: area for shared data in a project, common datasets and software installation Not purged while allocation is active. Removed 90 days after allocation expiration
Anvil GPFS /anvil/datasets N/A Weekly* Common data sets (not allocated to users)  

* Full schedule keeps nightly snapshots for 7 days, weekly snapshots for 3 weeks, and monthly snapshots for 2 months.

Link to section 'Useful tool' of 'File Systems' Useful tool

To check the quota of different file systems, type myquota at the command line.

x-anvilusername@login03.anvil:[~] $myquota

Type     Location          Size       Limit      Use     Files    Limit    Use
home     x-anvilusername   261.5MB    25.0GB     1%       -       -        - 
scratch  anvil             6.3GB      100.0TB    0.01%    3k      1,048k   0.36%
projects accountname1      37.2GB     5.0TB      0.73%    403k    1,048k   39%
projects accountname2      135.8GB    5.0TB      3%       20k     1,048k   2%

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