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Job Submission Script

To submit work to a SLURM queue, you must first create a job submission file. This job submission file is essentially a simple shell script. It will set any required environment variables, load any necessary modules, create or modify files and directories, and run any applications that you need:

# FILENAME:  myjobsubmissionfile

# Loads Matlab and sets the application up
module load matlab

# Change to the directory from which you originally submitted this job.

# Runs a Matlab script named 'myscript'
matlab -nodisplay -singleCompThread -r myscript

Once your script is prepared, you are ready to submit your job.

Link to section 'Job Script Environment Variables' of 'Job Submission Script' Job Script Environment Variables

SLURM sets several potentially useful environment variables which you may use within your job submission files. Here is a list of some:
Name Description
SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR Absolute path of the current working directory when you submitted this job
SLURM_JOBID Job ID number assigned to this job by the batch system
SLURM_JOB_NAME Job name supplied by the user
SLURM_JOB_NODELIST Names of nodes assigned to this job
SLURM_CLUSTER_NAME Name of the cluster executing the job
SLURM_SUBMIT_HOST Hostname of the system where you submitted this job
SLURM_JOB_PARTITION Name of the original queue to which you submitted this job

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