Link to section 'Sharing Files from Data Depot' of 'Sharing' Sharing Files from Data Depot

Data Depot supports several methods for file sharing. Use the links below to learn more about these methods.

Link to section 'Sharing Data with Globus' of 'Globus' Sharing Data with Globus

Data on any Research Computing resource can be shared with other users within Purdue or with collaborators at other institutions. Globus allows convenient sharing of data with outside collaborators. Data can be shared with collaborators' personal computers or directly with many other computing resources at other institutions.

To share files, login to, navigate to the endpoint (collection) of your choice, and follow instructions as described in Globus documentation on how to share data:

Link to section 'Sharing static content from your Data Depot space via the WWW' of 'WWW' Sharing static content from your Data Depot space via the WWW

Your research group can easily share static files (images, data, HTML) from your depot space via the WWW.

  • Contact to set up a "www" folder in your Data Depot space.
  • Copy any files that you wish to share via the WWW into your Data Depot space's "www" folder.
  • For example, cp /path/to/image.jpg /depot/mylab/www/, where mylab is your research group name.
  • or upload to smb://, where mylab is your research group name.
  • Your file is now accessible via your web browser at the URL

Note that it is not possible to run web sites, dynamic content, interpreters (PHP, Perl, Python), or CGI scripts from this web site.


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