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SSH Client Software

Secure Shell or SSH is a way of establishing a secure connection between two computers. It uses public-key cryptography to authenticate the user with the remote computer and to establish a secure connection. Its usual function involves logging in to a remote machine and executing commands. There are many SSH clients available for all operating systems:

Linux / Solaris / AIX / HP-UX / Unix:

  • The ssh command is pre-installed. Log in using ssh from a terminal.

Microsoft Windows:

  • MobaXterm is a small, easy to use, full-featured SSH client. It includes X11 support for remote displays, SFTP capabilities, and limited SSH authentication forwarding for keys.

Mac OS X:

  • The ssh command is pre-installed. You may start a local terminal window from "Applications->Utilities". Log in by typing the command ssh

When prompted for password, enter your Purdue career account password followed by ",push ". Your Purdue Duo client will then receive a notification to approve the login.


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