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Compiling Serial Programs

A serial program is a single process which executes as a sequential stream of instructions on one processor core. Compilers capable of serial programming are available for C, C++, and versions of Fortran.

Here are a few sample serial programs:

$ module load intel
$ module load gcc
The following table illustrates how to compile your serial program:
Language Intel Compiler GNU Compiler
Fortran 77
$ ifort myprogram.f -o myprogram
$ gfortran myprogram.f -o myprogram
Fortran 90
$ ifort myprogram.f90 -o myprogram
$ gfortran myprogram.f90 -o myprogram
Fortran 95
$ ifort myprogram.f90 -o myprogram
$ gfortran myprogram.f95 -o myprogram
$ icc myprogram.c -o myprogram
$ gcc myprogram.c -o myprogram
$ icc myprogram.cpp -o myprogram
$ g++ myprogram.cpp -o myprogram

The Intel and GNU compilers will not output anything for a successful compilation. Also, the Intel compiler does not recognize the suffix ".f95".


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