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Setting Up R Preferences with .Rprofile

For your convenience, ITaP provides a sample ~/.Rprofile example file that can be downloaded to your cluster account and renamed into ~/.Rprofile (or appended to one). Follow these steps to download our recommended ~/.Rprofile example and copy it into place:

curl -#LO
mv -ib Rprofile_example ~/.Rprofile

The above installation step needs to be done only once on Hammer. Now load the R module and run R:

module load r/4.1.2
[1] "/apps/spack/hammer/apps/r/4.1.2-gcc-6.3.0-ymdumss/rlib/R/library"

.libPaths() should output something similar to above if it is set up correctly.

You are now ready to install R packages into the directory /home/myusername/R/hammer/4.1.2.


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