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Do I need to do anything to my firewall to access Home Directories?

No firewall changes are needed to access Home Directories. However, to access data through Network Drives (i.e., CIFS, "Z: Drive"), you must be on a Purdue campus network or connected through VPN.

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Can I store Export-controlled data on Home Directories?

The Home Directories is not approved for storing data requiring Export control including ITAR, FISMA, DFAR-7012, NIST 800-171. Please contact the Export Control Office to discuss technology control plans and data storage appropriate for export controlled projects.

Can I store HIPAA data on Home Directories?

The Home Directories is not approved for storing data covered by HIPAA. Please contact the HIPAA Compliance Office to discuss HIPAA-compliant data storage.

Can I share data with outside collaborators?

Yes! Globus allows convenient sharing of data with outside collaborators. Data can be shared with collaborators' personal computers or directly with many other computing resources at other institutions. See the Globus documentation on how to share data:


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