How is Scholar different from the previous Community Clusters?

  • Scholar differs from the previous Community Clusters in many significant aspects:
  • Scholar is a hybrid cluster for teaching courses that require high-performance computing.
  • A subset of Scholar front-ends contain Nvidia Tesla V100 accelerator cards. You can access these front ends by logging in to
  • A subset of Scholar compute nodes contain Nvidia Tesla V100 accelerator cards which can significantly improve performance of compute-intensive workloads. These can be utilized by submitting jobs to the gpu queue (add -q gpu to your job submission command).
  • Jobs are scheduled on a whole-node basis and will not share nodes with other jobs by default. You may submit jobs that use less than one node, however, you will be allocated a whole node from your queue unless node sharing is enabled. Node sharing is enabled by adding ‑l naccesspolicy=singleuser to your job's requirements.

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