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Promoting and Demoting Managers/Owners

GitHub organizations each have one or more managers, or owners. Owners of an organization have more permissions within that organization than regular members. Compare permission levels to determine which is best for all members of your research group.

Any existing member of an organization can be promoted to Owner status by an existing Owner. Users will need to be a member of the organization before they can be promoted.

To promote an existing Organization member:

  • Navigate to
  • From the dropdown (typically defaults to your username), select your Organization
  • Click the "View Organization" button in the upper right
  • Alternatively, navigate directly to
  • Select the People tab (next to Repositories)
  • Find the member to be promoted, and select Owner from the dropdown now labeled "Member"

To demote an existing Organization owner:

  • Repeat steps above, except change Owner dropdown to Member

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