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Organization and Teams

Essentially, an organization is a place to house your research group's work. Multiple repositories may be created inside the organization. You may create teams, or lists of users, for each project. You can then assign the team to a repository, and give the team appropriate permissions to the repository. Organizations and teams are further described by GitHub.

Link to section 'Creating an Organization' of 'Organization and Teams' Creating an Organization

To create an organization start by going to your user settings by clicking your profile picture in the top right of the UI and selecting "Settings"

Next, click the 'Organizations' tab in the user settings sidebar.

Then, click 'New Organization' in the top right.

Follow the wizard to finish creating an organization.

Link to section 'Managing Organizations and Teams' of 'Organization and Teams' Managing Organizations and Teams

To add members to a team, begin by switching your dashboard context to the organization. This can be done by clicking your username in the left sidebar and switching the context to that of your organization.

Next, click "View organization" in the sidebar to be brought to the organization home page.

From here, click the "People" tab

Using the 'Add member' button, new users can be added to your organization. Due to the way our authentication mechanism is tied to Purdue Career accounts, the user must have logged in to the Github instance at least once to be invited to an organization. All currently existing members of the instance have been already added to this instance.


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