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RCAC Support Updates


PurdueIT is replacing our ticketing system, Footprints, with a new product called Team Dynamix (TDX).

Email to will begin to forward to the TDX environment effective Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

You may notice a difference in the format of our replies, and some new text at the bottom of the emails.

With this new system, you can also log into the service portal to see and track any open issues that you have across the entire PurdueIT system. The portal is located at

We are moving quickly into the new system and there will be a learning curve for Staff as well as partners. We are dedicated to learning and improving our processes as diligently as possible.

Another note for support concerns the week of July 24-28. Several of our staff will be attending an annual conference that week and responses may be slower than normal. We will watch the ticket queue and reply as we are able. Coffee hours will also be canceled for that week

Thanks for being our partner in HPC.

Rosen Center Staff

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