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Purdue to attend SC23 supercomputing conference, highlight “Purdue Computes” initiative

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Purdue's Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC) is set to host a booth at the upcoming SC23 Supercomputing conference, scheduled to take place in Denver, Colorado, from Nov. 12-17. The Purdue booth will highlight the recently announced “Purdue Computes” initiative.

Purdue Computes is a university-wide, multi-pronged initiative to meet rising student interest in computing-related majors and the growing societal impact of AI and semiconductor chips. Over the next five years, Purdue plans to hire 50 new faculty in the department of computer science, hire another 50 faculty who will be associated with the new Institute for Physical AI, and build $100 million worth of semiconductor facilities.

With nearly 10 petaFLOPS of HPC and 57 PF of AI compute resources available to Purdue researchers, RCAC supports computational faculty from over 60 departments across every academic college and all Purdue campuses.

The SC23 conference exhibit hall will feature a variety of presentations hosted at the Purdue booth (#1525), as well as presentations from RCAC staff in other booths.

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, the following RCAC staff members will give talks (all times Mountain Standard Time, two hours behind Eastern time):

  • At 9:30 a.m., Shawn Rice will present "Halcyon: From HPC Center Operations to Science Gateways” in the Purdue booth.
  • At 10:30 a.m., Preston Smith, executive director of RCAC, will be a guest speaker at the DDN Booth (#1335) to share insights about "Data-Intensive Research at Purdue University."
  • At 1:30 p.m., Amanda Hassenplug takes the stage in the Purdue booth with "Forging the Future of HPC: The Anvil REU Program.”
  • At 2:30 p.m. MST, George Takahashi will present "XR Classroom Infrastructure for Immersive Learning and Research."

Wednesday, Nov. 15, features a variety of presentations at Purdue’s booth (#1525).

  • At 10 a.m., Javier Gomez-Lavin, assistant professor of philosophy, and postdoctoral associate Bruce Rushing from Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts will discuss "VRAI Labs: A modular approach to undergraduate AI pedagogy."
  • At 11 a.m., Sarah Rodenbeck will present "TicketHub: an AI-Driven Application for Deep Analysis of User Support Requests."
  • At 1:30 p.m., Preston Smith will present “Adventures in Communicating the Value of CI Investment.”
  • At 2:30 p.m. Carol Song will present “Powering Cyberinfrastructure Innovations at Purdue with HPC and RSE.”
  • At 3:30 p.m., Doug Jennewein from ASU will talk about “The Quantum Collaborative."

In addition to these booth events, RCAC staff are involved in the following conference programs:

  • Geoffrey Lentner will be helping with the “SC Students HPC Crash Course” workshop for the SC23 Student Program, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m on Sunday, Nov. 12.
  • Amiya Maji is a benchmarking judge for the Student Cluster Competition and will present a paper co-authored with Anvil REU students Nayeli Gurrola and Ved Arora "A Fast and Responsive Web-Based Framework for Visualizing HPC Application Usage” at 10:50 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12.
  • Carol Song will be presenting and discussing Anvil and other RCAC resources at the ACCESS Resource Provider Forum BoF at 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16.

As an international conference, SC23 is expected to attract 437 exhibitors and more than 12,000 attendees from around the world who come to see the latest innovations in high-performance computing and related fields.

The goals of the SC conference revolve around fostering collaboration, sharing research and innovations in high-performance computing, promoting discussions on challenges and advancements in the field, and providing a platform for networking among professionals and researchers in the global HPC community.

Purdue University has had a presence as an exhibitor at SC for over 20 years., as well as a long history of sponsoring teams in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC). Last year, Purdue collaborated with Indiana University to field a joint SCC team.

Staff from Purdue IT are also involved in building Scinet, the conference’s internet network, which becomes the most powerful and advanced network in the world for the week of the conference.

Preston Smith will also be presenting at Metrics 2023, which is to be held from Nov. 11 to Nov. 12, in Denver.. Smith will talk about “The Value Proposition of Campus High Performance Computing Facilities to Institutional Productivity - A Production Function Model”, from 11 a.m. to noon.

The primary objective of the Metrics2023 conference is to unite professionals from various fields and institutions, fostering connections and cooperation to establish a classification for CI projects and identify the suitable metrics for both immediate and prolonged assessment. The Metrics 2023 Agenda, can be found here.

Keep up with conference updates by following RCAC on Twitter. Learn more about what RCAC will be doing at SC23 here.

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