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In-person Coffee-Hour Consultation Location Change

Our in-person consulting hours (a.k.a. "coffee hour") location will be changing effectively immediately.

RCAC staff have offered in-person consulting at the Convergence Center on campus downstairs in the lobby (and/or cafe area) for more than a year now. We will still be located at the Convergence Center on Mondays, but will hold the session upstairs in CONV 3301, a conference room on the third floor in our office area just off the elevators.

Why the change? Convenience, consistency, privacy and noise, and other reasons. The lobby has nice tables that offer a public space for this sort of informal help session that felt inline with the coffee-shop meeting locations around campus from years prior to the pandemic. Unfortunately, with limited space available during the semester at these locations we moved to Convergence but have had difficulty on occassion with the lobby as other events sometimes interfere and building staff often direct visitors to our third-floor offices anyway. Moving forward, we think this will offer more consistency and resources to our visitors.

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