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End of semester software environment changes

At the end of the Fall semester several updates and changes are planned for the software environment. These changes will make available the latest Intel compiler suite and common libraries built with the new compiler, provide an improved Python distribution, and will make available a new environment modules system for testing.

New Intel 15 Compiler Suite

The largest of the software stack changes will be the addition of the latest Intel 15 compiler suite, version, and its associated common libraries.

No changes will be made to the default versions of common libraries or compilers, nor will there be any changes to any of the currently supported common libraries and compilers. As a reminder, a table of these supported compilers and libraries is included towards the end of this article.

Evaluation of new environment modules system

A new environment modules system, called Lmod, is available for evaluation on ITaP Research Computing clusters. ITaP Researching Computing staff are evaluating Lmod as a replacement for the current environment modules system and are looking for feedback from cluster users. Lmod is used in the same way as the current system but offers much more on top of existing functionality. Lmod is available as an opt-in to all current cluster users.

Anaconda, a new Python distribution

The default Python distribution will be replaced by Anaconda, a distribution of Python that includes over 200 popular Python packages used throughout scientific computing. Some of these packages include h5py, mpi4py, netcdf, numpy, scikit, and scipy.

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