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Logging In

XSEDE services were retired on August 31, 2022, including the single sign-on (SSO) hub This means that users who used to log in to Anvil through the XSEDE SSO hub need to log in through a direct SSH method after August 31, 2022.

ACCESS requires that you use the ACCESS Duo service for additional authentication, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself further using Duo and your Duo client app, token, or other contact methods. Consult Manage Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo for account setup instructions.

Link to section 'With SSH' of 'Logging In' With SSH

Anvil accepts standard SSH connections with public keys-based authentication to using your Anvil username:

localhost$ ssh -l my-x-anvil-username

Please note:

  • Your Anvil username is not the same as your ACCESS username (although it is derived from it). Anvil usernames look like x-ACCESSusername or similar, starting with an x-.
  • Password-based authentication is not supported on Anvil (in favor of SSH keys). There is no "Anvil password", and your ACCESS password will not be accepted by Anvil's SSH either. SSH keys can be set up from the Open OnDemand interface on Anvil Please follow the steps in Setting up SSH keys to add your SSH key on Anvil.

When reporting SSH problems to the help desk, please execute the ssh command with the -vvv option and include the verbose output in your problem description.

Link to section 'Additional Services and Instructions' of 'Logging In' Additional Services and Instructions


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