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Mac OS X

Mac OS X does not provide any way to access the Data Depot snapshots directly. To access the snapshots there are two options: browse the snapshots by hand through a network drive mount or use an automated command-line based tool.

To browse the snapshots by hand, follow the directions outlined in the Manual Browsing section.

To use the automated command-line tool, log into a compute cluster or into the host (which is available to all Data Depot users) and use the flost tool. On Mac OS X you can use the built-in SSH terminal application to connect.

  • Open the Applications folder from Finder.
  • Navigate to the Utilities folder.
  • Double click the Terminal application to open it.
  • Type the following command when the terminal opens.
    $ ssh
    Replace myusername with your Purdue career account username and provide your password when prompted.

Once logged in use the flost tool as described above. The tool will guide you through the process and show you the commands necessary to retrieve your lost file.


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