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Matlab Script (.m File)

This section illustrates how to submit a small, serial, MATLAB program as a job to a batch queue. This MATLAB program prints the name of the run host and gets three random numbers.

Prepare a MATLAB script myscript.m, and a MATLAB function file myfunction.m:

% FILENAME:  myscript.m

% Display name of compute node which ran this job.
[c name] = system('hostname');
fprintf('\n\nhostname:%s\n', name);

% Display three random numbers.
A = rand(1,3);
fprintf('%f %f %f\n', A);

% FILENAME:  myfunction.m

function result = myfunction ()

    % Return name of compute node which ran this job.
    [c name] = system('hostname');
    result = sprintf('hostname:%s', name);

    % Return three random numbers.
    A = rand(1,3);
    r = sprintf('%f %f %f', A);


Also, prepare a job submission file, here named myjob.sub. Run with the name of the script:

# FILENAME:  myjob.sub

echo "myjob.sub"

# Load module, and set up environment for Matlab to run
module load matlab


# -nodisplay:        run MATLAB in text mode; X11 server not needed
# -singleCompThread: turn off implicit parallelism
# -r:                read MATLAB program; use MATLAB JIT Accelerator
# Run Matlab, with the above options and specifying our .m file
matlab -nodisplay -singleCompThread -r myscript

Submit the job

View job status

View results of the job


                            < M A T L A B (R) >
                  Copyright 1984-2011 The MathWorks, Inc.
                    R2011b ( 64-bit (glnxa64)
                              August 13, 2011

To get started, type one of these: helpwin, helpdesk, or demo.
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0.814724 0.905792 0.126987

Output shows that a processor core on one compute node (scholar-a001) processed the job. Output also displays the three random numbers.

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