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Basics of SLURM Jobs

The Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) is a system providing job scheduling and job management on compute clusters. With SLURM, a user requests resources and submits a job to a queue. The system will then take jobs from queues, allocate the necessary nodes, and execute them.

Do NOT run large, long, multi-threaded, parallel, or CPU-intensive jobs on a front-end login host. All users share the front-end hosts, and running anything but the smallest test job will negatively impact everyone's ability to use Scholar. Always use SLURM to submit your work as a job.

Link to section 'Submitting a Job' of 'Basics of SLURM Jobs' Submitting a Job

The main steps to submitting a job are:

Follow the links below for information on these steps, and other basic information about jobs. A number of example SLURM jobs are also available.


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