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RStudio is a graphical integrated development environment (IDE) for R. RStudio is the most popular environment for developing both R scripts and packages. RStudio is provided on most Research systems.

There are two methods to launch RStudio on the cluster: command-line and application menu icon.

Link to section 'Launch RStudio by the command-line:' of 'RStudio' Launch RStudio by the command-line:

module load gcc
module load r
module load rstudio

Note that RStudio is a graphical program and in order to run it you must have a local X11 server running or use Thinlinc Remote Desktop environment. See the ssh X11 forwarding section for more details.

Link to section 'Launch Rstudio by the application menu icon:' of 'RStudio' Launch Rstudio by the application menu icon:

  • Log into with web browser or ThinLinc client
  • Click on the Applications drop down menu on the top left corner
  • Choose Cluster Software and then RStudio

This shows where to find Rstudio under the 'Cluster Software' option in the list of Applications.

R and RStudio are free to download and run on your local machine. For more information about RStudio:


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