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Simple Job

Every SLURM job consists of a job submission file. A job submission file contains a list of commands that run your program and a set of resource (nodes, walltime, queue) requests. The resource requests can appear in the job submission file or can be specified at submit-time as shown below.

This simple example submits the job submission file hello.sub to the scholar queue on Scholar and requests a single node:

# FILENAME: hello.sub

# Show this ran on a compute node by running the hostname command.

echo "Hello World"
sbatch -A scholar --nodes=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=1 --time=00:01:00 hello.sub
Submitted batch job 3521

For a real job you would replace echo "Hello World" with a command, or sequence of commands, that run your program.

After your job finishes running, the ls command will show a new file in your directory, the .out file:

ls -l

The file slurm-3521.out contains the output and errors your program would have written to the screen if you had typed its commands at a command prompt:

cat slurm-3521.out 
Hello World

You should see the hostname of the compute node your job was executed on. Following should be the "Hello World" statement.


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