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Link to section 'Scholar Queue' of 'Queues' Scholar Queue

This is the default queue for submitting jobs on Scholar. The maximum walltime on scholar queue is 4 hours.

Link to section 'Long Queue' of 'Queues' Long Queue

If your job requires more than 4 hours to complete, you can submit it to the long queue. The maximum walltime is 3 days. There are only 5 nodes in this queue, so you may have to wait for some time to get access to a node.

Link to section 'GPU Queue' of 'Queues' GPU Queue

If your job needs access to an Nvidia GPU accelerator, then use the gpu queue. The maximum walltime is 4 hours.

Link to section 'Debug Queue' of 'Queues' Debug Queue

The debug queue allows you to quickly start small, short, interactive jobs in order to debug code, test programs, or test configurations. You are limited to one running job at a time in the queue, and you may run up to two compute nodes for 30 minutes. The expectation is that debug jobs should start within a couple of minutes, assuming all of its dedicated nodes are not taken by others.

Link to section 'List of Queues' of 'Queues' List of Queues

To see a list of all queues on Scholar that you may submit to, use the slist command

This lists each queue you can submit to, the number of nodes allocated to the queue, how many are available to run jobs, and the maximum walltime you may request. Options to the command will give more detailed information. This command can be used to get a general idea of how busy an individual queue is and how long you may have to wait for your job to start.


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