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Mentorship Program

The WHPC Mentorship program is a six-month semester long commitment. We understand that faculty and staff are very busy and have very limited availability. We suggest that the mentor dedicate 2-3 hours per month to meeting and engaging with the student mentee.

Note: mentor/mentees may decide to increase the number of mentorship hours per month and/or extend their mentorship relationship beyond the first six months.

Laura Theademan and Suzanna Gardner at PEARC 23
Amanda Hassenplug
Amanda Hassenplug


Mentors are sought in the following disciplines:

  • Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Bioinformatics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Computers Graphics and Visualization
  • Earth Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Statistical Analysis

Benefit to Mentors

As a mentor, you will help support the advancement of women in technology by:

Providing valuable professional advice and resources that will benefit mentees which might include:

  • sharing expertise in your specific research domain/discipline.
  • sharing personal experiences and advice that might benefit your student mentee.
  • encouraging students to stay abreast of scholarly literature and cutting-edge ideas in their field.
  • Encouraging the open exchange of ideas.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with other faculty or professionals on campus or within the broader research community as appropriate.

Providing career advice and support in the form of:

  • positive and constructive feedback on student CVs.
  • positive and constructive feedback on job, scholarship, or fellowship applications.
  • letters of recommendation as appropriate.

Benefit to Student Mentees

The WHPC mentorship program will provide the following benefits to student mentees:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Keeping skills current
  • Discover different research fields, areas of interest, organizations and opportunities
  • Exchanging of ideas

How to apply to become a Mentee

Faculty or staff interested in becoming a mentor or potential student mentees should email WHPC Info. A WHPC staff member will follow up and work to match a mentor and mentee in specific disciplines or areas of research.