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About REED Folder
    What do I need to do before I access my REED Folder?
    Does Purdue have a Business Associate Agreement with Box?
    Who should I contact for an IT incident?
    What is a Box Managed Account and REED Folder?

Logging In & Accounts
    Can I manage my Login Activity in Box?

    Can I integrate 3rd-Party Apps with my Box folder?
    How should I monitor access to my REED Folder?
    Can I use Unmanaged Box accounts, and other Cloud Storage Options?
    What is De-identified Data?
    Should I use Box Drive if I work with Restricted Data?
    Will Box Drive or Box Edit cache files on the local machine?
    Can I use File Level Encryption with a REED Folder?
    Can I use FTP to access Box?
    What are the requirements for a laptop or desktop if I am working with Restricted data?
    What is a Limited Data Set?
    Should I move restricted data to other folders outside of a REED Folder?
    What are the folder naming conventions and folder description requirements for a REED Folder?
    Can I delete my files permanently from Box?
    What are the recommended permission levels?
    How do I host sensitive or restricted data in Box?