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What are the folder naming conventions and folder description requirements for a REED Folder?

All folders and subfolders must follow a naming convention. The text must be added manually. The folder name must begin with [L3 HIPAA]-Folder Name. The naming convention should be used on any folder hosted in REED Folder. This is important, to allow for auditing of the service. All folders containing restricted data, must add a banner to the folder by using the Box folder description.

"The folder contains restricted data in scope of HIPAA. Exercise caution when sharing restricted or sensitive data, individuals must be authorized to access the data. Never sync restricted or sensitive data to an unauthorized system."

It best that you project team work from root folder of the project. If you create a collaboration in a sub folder, be certain you add the banner text and naming convention to ensure the project team knows the folder contains restricted data.

As a best practice, you can add [P1 Public] to folder names that don’t contain restricted or sensitive data, this will help you managed the various data types you generate.


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