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Data Science and Machine Learning Training

RCAC offers training on a variety of data science and machine learning topics on a regular cadence.  These trainings are intended to offer an applied view of data science to help researchers effectively utilize such techniques and the clusters to further their work.

If just getting started on the clusters, users are encouraged to check out our general computing training resources as well.

Foundational Data Science and Machine Learning Topics

For additional training on technical concepts, we encourage users to explore trainings offered by Purdue libraries.

Large-Scale Data Science and Related Topics

  • Jupyter Kernels and HPC is an intermediate level discussion of how the Jupyter system (JupyterHub, Jupyter Notebook, etc.) function at an application level on a distributed computing cluster.
  • Python Package Installation covers how to install scientific Python applications on RCAC clusters.
  • Research Storage Overview covers RCAC storage resources and services, typical use cases, access methods and data management strategies and workflows.
  • [Coming Soon!] Accelerated Machine Learning with GPUs